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Are Jude liners and pads vegan?

Yes they are! Jude pads are vegetarian and vegan, made from plant-based materials such as bamboo and corn. Making them better for your body and for the planet.

Where are Jude products designed and manufactured?

Our products are designed here in the UK by our product team and our lovely community. We believe in the importance of co-creation. We have a wonderful product testing process that involves our customers from the early stages of product conception. I

Does Jude have B-Corp status?

Watch this space! We are actively working towards achieving B-Corp status and hope to have some exciting updates soon.

Is the Jude supply chain green?

We are constantly striving to improve but we’re pretty proud of our supply chain so far. Our supplement supplier sets the gold standard in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), holding third-party GMP certifications to uphold th

Why does Jude use bamboo for your liners and pads instead of cotton?

We chose bamboo as a key material as it has a much lighter carbon footprint than cotton. Bamboo doesn’t rely on pesticides, fertilisers, as much water (one third of the water used to grow cotton) and is naturally antibacterial. As bamboo is one of th

Are Jude products biodegradable?

Our pads are fully compostable and biodegrade within 100 days. Unlike other incontinence pads which take over 600 years to decompose.

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