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Is the Jude supply chain green?Updated 7 months ago

We are constantly striving to improve but we’re pretty proud of our supply chain so far. Our supplement supplier sets the gold standard in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), holding third-party GMP certifications to uphold this gold standard. As an environmentally conscious facility, they generate over 80% of their own energy via natural gas and uphold solvent-free and energy-efficient practices.

Jude liners and pads are made from bamboo and so degrade much quicker in comparison to traditional pads - which can take more than 600 years to degrade! Additionally, Jude liners and pads do not release toxins into the environment when they decompose, making them a healthier alternative to traditional pads and liners. Our factory also works to a closed loop cycle - recycling 98% of the waste produced during manufacturing.

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