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What is the Jude community?

We're a community on a mission to break the taboos around bladder health and build the best products out there, together. We believe all women should be able to openly voice opinions and have a say in our health and wellness. The Jude & Friends commu

I don't experience bladder leaks, can I still join Jude and Friends?

Yes! Not everyone in the community has bladder care issues. We believe healthcare should be preventative, so Jude & Friends is on hand to offer:. Click here to sign up and join Jude & Friends: Jude and Friends | Facebook

What events do you host?

We run weekly doctor-moderated discussions, video-format podcast chats and group activities like pelvic floor yoga and 'squeeze-alongs'. Plus competitions, product launches and daily conversations with like-minded women. Want to host your own Jude ev