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What benefits should I see from taking the daily supplements?Updated 10 months ago

Our supplements have been proven to reduce leaks by 66% and night wees by 70%. You can expect less urgency, fewer leaks, returned sensation and better sleep.

We have had brilliant, positive feedback on our supplements from both our customers who have taken the supplement consistently for over 12 weeks and this was also seen in clinical trials. Take a look at our science page which details the clinical trial papers and insights from our medical board made up of NHS Urologists and doctors.  

Don't trust us? Check out what our customers have to say on Trustpilot and hear first-hand reviews

If you haven't already, then we would recommend joining our online, private community of 3500+ women who are going through a similar experience and are great at sharing their experiences to date. Some of them are over the 12-week hurdle and can share how they are getting on now after taking the supplement continuously. Oh and not to mention we also offer free giveaways, competitions and exclusive discount codes for community members only! 

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