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Do I need to take the supplements indefinitely?Updated 4 months ago

Every bladder is different. On average our customers see results after 12 weeks of constantly taking the supplement. After this initial period of time, continuing to take the supplement will allow you to maintain the benefit - consistency is key!

We would recommend downloading our free Bladder Care Handbook which is full of tips around diet, lifestyle and exercises which you should be doing alongside the supplement to achieve and maintain desired results, this is something that needs to be tackled from all angles. 

Jude - Bladder Care Handbook - Why Caring For Your Bladder Is So Important (wearejude.com)

Want to hear from women who are on the other side of their 12 week journey, still taking the supplement and still seeing life changing results? Join our online private community of 6,000+ women who are going through a similar experience and are great at sharing their journeys so far. Not to mention we run competitions, free giveaways and exclusive discount codes for our community members. 


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