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Managing Your Subscription

How do I amend my subscription date?

If you're looking to make changes to your subscription renewal date, we're here to assist! You can edit your subscription renewal date at any time directly via your Jude Account page. If you still need some help, please email [email protected] with

How do I update my address?

To ensure the smooth delivery of your order, you can update your shipping address anytime via your Jude Account page. If you checked out with PayPal, it's worth noting that your delivery address will automatically populate from your PayPal account in

When will my next payment be?

Our billing cycles vary depending on your subscription plan!. Whichever plan you choose, we'll send you an email 3 days before your next payment date to give you a heads-up every time. If you want to update your details or change the renewal date of

How much is a Jude subscription?

Bladder Strength Supplements - £28.50 per month inc free delivery.  Bamboo Liners Multipack - £21.55 per month inc free delivery. Bamboo Everyday Pads - £24.37 per month inc free delivery.

How do I cancel my Jude subscription?

We appreciate your support as a much-loved subscriber and friend of Jude, so we'd hate to see you go. We genuinely care about your experience and would love to understand more about your decision to cancel. If you do decide to cancel your subscriptio

I subscribed with PayPal - how do I cancel my Jude subscription?

Managing your PayPal subscription is easy. To cancel or pause recurring payments in PayPal, follow these simple steps:. 1. Log in to your PayPal account. 2. Click the Settings icon then select the Payments option. 3. Select Automatic payments. 4. Sel