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What is Tencel Modal?

Tencel Modal offers a variety of great benefits. It’s soft, super absorbent and also absorbs odours. It is made out of sustainably sourced ingredients so is better for the planet than other fabrics. Read more about Tencel here: What is Tencel Fabric?

What is the benefit of wearing these pants over pads & liners?

We love pads and liners here at Jude, but sometimes you might not like the feeling of a liner or pad in your underwear. Maybe you forget to change them regularly enough and then worry about leaks or you may just be going away, and you'd rather pack t

How do they save on landfill versus pads/liners?

If you wear our pants daily in replacement of pads - that stops 15.3 KG of waste at landfill. Jude's Leak-proof pants really are a more sustainable way to manage your leaks

What sort of times or occasions should I wear these pants?

Our leak-proof pants are fit for all occasions! Just join our online community and hear what they have to say. https://www.facebook.com/groups/judeandfriends/. If you're looking for something to exercise in, go to work in, travel in or just feel like

Can I try for size and return?

Yes, you can absolutely try our leak-proof pants on for size and return them if they don't fit, we would ask however that you are mindful of others and try our leak-proof pants on, over your own underwear or bikini bottoms just encase you do need to

How to wash our Leak-proof Pants

Washing our pants is easy. Firstly,  pre-rinse the urine out of the underwear. Then place the pants in your machine and select ‘cold delicate wash’. Avoid using fabric conditioner. Line dry outside or in a humid-free environment. Finally our pants do

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