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Botanicals for Bladder Health

Cornus Officinalis

The latest research (Xue et al, 2021) on Cornus Officinalis shows it can be a promising botanical, however clinical trials are needed to establish its efficacy. No human trials have been run to establish its efficiency so far.


This (R Fünfstück et al, 1997) study points to how L-Methionine is suitable to prevent reinfection of chronic urinary tract infections.

L-Arginine HCL

In an in vivo and in vitro study (Persson K.,1992), L-arginine/NO pathway’s role in relaxing the detrusor muscle in your bladder is questionable. In one clinical trial (I Ehrén, 1998), nine women attended the trials and there was no significant chang

Alpina Oxyphylla

The latest research performed on rats shows how Alpina Oxyphylla can repair damaged kidney cells, however, we haven’t found any recorded human clinical trials performed on the efficacy of Alpina.