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What's in the starter kit?

Samples of our all-day liners and everyday pads  Mini Bladder Care Handbook  Reusable on-the-go Jude bag  You will be given a choice when ordering to have “more pads” or “more liners” within your starter kits.

Who is Jude?

We’re a healthcare startup on a mission to bring bladder care into the mainstream

Do you have a newsletter?

Yes, we have a weekly email newsletter - The Leaky Times. You can subscribe for health tips, bladder kind recipes, doctor moderated Q&As, product releases and exclusive offers.

What does 'community tested' mean?

We co-create every Jude product alongside real women living with bladder issues. Our community give feedback over several rounds of development. This ensure we only deliver products that are double the quality of what's currently on the market. That'

Who are your medical advisors?

Our bladder care products are backed and approved by medical experts including:  Andrew Vallence Owen, ex Chief Medical Officer at BUPA Professor Leena Pradhan, Diabetes and arthritis expert Dr Shahzadi Harper, Bladder healthcare specialist Dr Jai S

How many starter kits can I order?

Starter kits are limited to one per customer.

Do you do products for men?

Our initial range of bladder care products have been developed for women. However we are creating a range of products for men, which will be released later in 2022.

How do I contact Jude?

You can call our team for free on 02045245494 or email [email protected] We're available 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Bladder Care Support Hotline

We want to support you by providing a Free Bladder Care Support Hotline, which will allow us to delve a bit deeper into your health story and provide you with individual advice. Please note whilst we work with Urologist and GP's we can not provide yo

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