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Can I take Jude supplements if I'm on other medication?

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There have been no listed contraindications to taking our supplement which contains pumpkin seed extract and soygerm extract and heart failure. Similarly, we don't know of any reason why it cannot be taken with bisoprolol. We would always recommend s


Our supplement contains two key ingredients:- pumpkin seed extract and soygerm extract, and there have been no contraindications to Warfarin, this means it should be safe to use but we cannot give personal advice about your particular scenario, so we


We haven't found any contraindication between taking our supplement and thyroxine but it us best to speak to your endocrinologist or GP about whether they think a supplement containing pumpkin seeds or soygerm extract would affect your thyroid medica


There are no guidelines stating that you cannot take HRT or other medications alongside the Jude Bladder Care supplement; however if you take any regular medications it's a good idea to check with your doctor before taking any supplement.

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